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  • The most current average, minimum and maximum market rate for any given lane updated monthly to negotiate your best freight rates
  • Real-time, lowest-cost diesel fuel locations on the route, saving you 4 - 7 cents per gallon off diesel fuel prices
  • Today's average diesel fuel surcharges
  • Real-time truck loads available.
  • The miles on the route
  • State miles summary for diesel fuel tax purposes
  • The profit calculator to quickly identify revenue, margin and profitability
  • State inbound/outbound monthly analysis reports
  • Graphical display of route and rate history
  • Access to multi-lane search and pricing analysis services
  • Monthly rate analysis reports
  • Exceptional customer support
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Top Quality Rates is the most trusted online source for truckload rates in the industry. Our data is collected and compiled based on over 12 million actual freight bills provided by over 100 U.S. carriers that have agreed to provide this information. Carriers contribute their data once per month to our database; we compile it and produce the industry market database for full truckload movements for Dry Van, Refrigerated and Flatbed equipment.

Our parent company, TMW Systems, Inc. has been in business since 1983. TMW Systems Optimization (formerly the Integrated Decision Support Co.) provides decision support software for the truckload carrier industry such as Fuel Optimization, Network Balance Optimization, and Power to Load Match Optimization. It is through the relationship with IDSC and these carriers that we developed the market rate database that powers

Why should I use is designed specifically for truckload carriers to give them a powerful way to negotiate better hauling rates and to save money on fuel costs.

By knowing the market rate, along with fuel surcharge, miles, and fuel cost for a lane you can quickly and easily identify revenue and margin. With, you can instantly identify your profit potential. Plus, with the lowest fuel purchase location on the route, you can keep more money by spending less at the pump.

Multi-Lane Search and Pricing Analysis Services are also available to help with competitive research and bids.

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"Using the data provided by Truck Load, I realize I'm fortunate to enjoy a significant premium on some of my lanes. Your website provides the tools for carriers to resist the temptation to race to the bottom of a lane rate, and that's just better for everyone."
James De Young
Adams Transit Inc

"I use to check current market rates for my lanes. I use it for lanes I am unfamiliar with and to identify potential lanes that would bring my company more revenue. "
Charles Lindamood
Tee Time Transport Inc.

"I use any time a contract comes up for renewal. I rate those lanes using the rate search. If there are unfamiliar lanes that I haven't carried or priced before, I use the rate search to gauge the market on those lanes and make my pricing decisions based in part on the information that provides."

"I want to make sure that I'm getting the best rates that I can. I make sure that I'm matched on at least what shows, or the load doesn't move."
Cathy Snyder
Wild Hare Express

"I use to negotiate rates with customers. I represent owner operators and I want to make sure I get the best rate for my drivers."
Bob Tucker
Bobs Way Transportation

"Secured contracts for both lanes! Thanks."
Michael Casparian
M Caspar Transportation LLC

" Your service has eliminated the difficult task of training new dispatchers to provide rate quotes. Our dispatchers can now quickly provide "ON THE SPOT" accurate rates to customers. It took me YEARS of experience to know how rates and truck capacities fluctuate from region to region and state to state.

Thank you for making my job that much easier!"

Bob Parcell
WLT Trucking Corporation

"Good website, easy to use"
Scott P. Gallagher
Cornhusker Motor Freight

This is a wonderful service and will definitely use again..... You have a great staff...thanks again for expediting my data requests."
Michael Davis

"Using your information my revenue increased because I now know the rate to target.... Thanks, and I hope your service helps others as much as it has helped me.
Janie Skondras
Silver Eagle Logistics