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Multi-Lane Search allows users to submit a comma separated value (csv) spreadsheet file of lanes through the website and will automatically populate that file with the current rate information. This is the same rate information as found in the Rate Search. This service allows users that require truckload rate index information on a large number of lanes and has been developed at the request of customers who don't have the time to query large volumes of lanes when working on studies, bids, etc.

Truckloadrate.comís Multi-Lane Search provides an invaluable data set that gives you the minimum, maximum and average rates on lanes across North America as well as the average accessorial and fuel surcharge. This data comes from carriers just like you stationed all over North America and is separated by van, refrigerated or flat equipment.

An optional service of Truckloadrate.comís Multi-Lane Service is a Price Spread Analysis which shows your Rate Increase Candidates by comparing your established rates and our Truckload Rate Data on each lane. In addition, you can perform automated minimum charge lookup on every lane. The Truckload Rate Data is the first of its kind in the industry. The Price Spread Analysis is no additional cost to the Multi-Lane Service.

Our analysis compares your current rates to the rates of your peers in the industry and shows you where you are leaving money on the table. We will also show you where your rate is above your peersí rate and subject to potential volume constraints.

Another optional service of truckoadrate.comís Multi-Lane Service is to get the latest fuel pricing information for each of your lanes submitted. Details include the todayís average, minimum, maximum fuel price (net IFTA and Retail) along each lane with mileage and the lowest retail cost fuel location on the route. The fee for this additional service is $0.10 per record. A $100.00 minimum is required.

This service is for an additional fee to subscribers:

  • The cost is $50.00 for up to 1,000 lanes and $0.05 per additional lane after 1,000 lanes.
  • A file with 2,000 records would be $100, a file with 2,050 records would be $102.50, etc.
  • This fee will be charged to the credit card that is billed for your subscription.
Multi-Lane Search Feature will return your spreadsheet populated with your selected data set:

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