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Freight Rates Multi-Lane Search   State Rate History is designed specifically for truckload carriers to give them a powerful way to negotiate better hauling freight rates and to save money on fuel costs. By knowing the market rate, along with fuel surcharge, miles, and fuel cost for a lane—you can quickly and easily identify revenue and margin. With, you can instantly identify your profit potential. Plus, with the lowest fuel purchase locations on the route, you can keep more money by spending less at the pump.

What do you get when you subscribe? You get instant and unlimited access to real time:
Multi-Lane Search and Pricing Analysis Services are also available to help with competitive research and bids. specializes in providing the most current and accurate online truckload market rate and fuel pricing information and analysis for truckload carriers delivering goods and services in the continental United States and Canada. Truckload carriers rely on as a strategic partner to review pricing and to help identify lanes most profitable for their business. They also use the real-time lowest-cost fuel location recommendations supplied for their lanes to significantly save in fuel costs. Analysts say that is "right on the money" and provides the industry’s only comprehensive and segmented source for accurate rate trending.

Customers of have unlimited access to the feature-rich Freight Rate Search Database to get the market rate for any given lane within the U.S. and Canada. Customers also receive state inbound/outbound rate history and access to the Multi-Lane Service—which provides the same information as the Rate Search Database for a large number of lanes.

Top Quality Freight Rates is the most trusted online source for truckload rates in the industry. Our data is collected and compiled based on over 12 million actual freight bills provided by over 100 U.S. carriers that have agreed to provide this information. Carriers contribute their data once per month to our database; we compile it and produce the industry market database for full truckload movements for Dry Van, Refrigerated and Flatbed equipment.
  • Over 5,000,000 freight rates served annually
  • Rates based on 12,000,000 freight bills
  • Segmented by dry van, refrigerated and flatbed carriers
  • Rates refreshed and updated monthly
TruckloadRate’s Market Knowledge
Origin: 12,000,000 bills of lading
Access: Immediate lookup on web or by specific customer lane
Updated: Each month for all carriers
Basis: Thousands of analysts quoting tens of thousands of customers
Backup: Any person in the organization can utilize the database at any time
Precision: Zip Code to Zip Code
Coverage: Data representing 100% of international lanes (1,400,000 Origin-Destination pairs)

Ten instant and easy ways to get more for your lanes:

1. Know the market rate on any given lane data updated monthly
for all carriers to negotiate your best rates.
2. Know the average fuel surcharge on the lane.
3. Know the miles for the requested lane.
4. Get the lowest-price-fuel locations on the route.
5. Use the profit calculator to quickly identify revenue, margin and profitability.
6. Use the Shipper Directory.
7. Evaluate new lanes for your business.
8. Get the route and rate history graphically displayed.
9. Use the state inbound/outbound rate history to understand trends.
10. Use our Multi-Lane Service to save time and get market rate information on thousands of lanes.

Additional Services’s Multi-Lane Search provides an invaluable data set that gives you the minimum, maximum and average rates on lanes across North America as well as the average accessorial and fuel surcharge. This data comes from carriers just like you stationed all over North America and is separated by van, refrigerated or flat equipment.

An optional service of's Multi-Lane Service is a Price Spread Analysis which shows your Rate Increase Candidates by comparing your established rates and our Truckload Rate Data on each lane. In addition, you can perform automated minimum charge lookup on every lane. The Truckload Rate Data is the first of its kind in the industry. The Price Spread Analysis is no additional cost to the Multi-Lane Service.

Our analysis compares your current rates to the rates of your peers in the industry and shows you where you are leaving money on the table. We will also show you where your rate is above your peers’ rate and subject to potential volume constraints.

Another optional service of’s Multi-Lane Service is to get the latest diesel fuel pricing information for each of your lanes submitted. Details include the today’s average, minimum, maximum fuel price (net IFTA and Retail) along each lane with mileage and the lowest retail cost fuel location on the route. The fee for this additional service is $0.10 per record. A $100.00 minimum is required.

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